Friday, February 20, 2009

[Poem] Of Random Thoughts.

The whole world heard,
But they do not know.
What am I afraid of?
Who am I to them?

The whole world heard,
But they saw a little.
Are you scared?
If they started talking about what they saw?

I am here,
Yet you're not.
I smile,
Because you're safe.

If only I knew this alienated roads,
I'd watch you to sleep tonight.
Kiss away the tears,
Kiss away the pain.

You suffered enough,
Your time to rest has come.
I am not too far away,
The spell has taken place.

Of a stone heart,
Made out of clay.
Of a stone heart,
Started beating again.

I am suffering secretly,
But if you knew, you'd come.
But your time to rest has come,
So, rest you shall.

I have hands,
I can wrap the bandages my own.
You'd make the experience better,
But I can do it.

The day turned beautiful,
For you and I danced through the hours.
Until the sun set,
We sang until the moon showed its face.

Of a stone heart,
Speak the words that spruces jealousy.
Of a beating heart,
Saying that I miss you.

I am finally human.

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