Friday, May 21, 2010

One, Two; Freddy's Coming For You..

First thing's first. Freddy's a freaking paedophile.

But he's just.. Freddy, so yeah. Although the great wonders of digital art and CG designs made him look like shit (honest opinion).

Some parts were really funny in the most sadistic way. Heh.

But scratch that before I ruin some people's excitement, and disappointment.

My brother and I went hunting for lenses and other miscellaneous stuff related to cameras.

And I saw my camera. The one that has my heart and name scribbled all over it. The Nikon D300S.

The body alone costs about $2.4k. If the 18-200mm lens (which I'm going to get as well) is in, they have a deal where $200 will be waived off from the lens' original price, so that'll make it $3.3. But if I want the external hot shoe flash which is the SpeedLite SB900 as well, that's another $900, which totals up to a devastating..

(For those who're already doing the maths, you can skip the next line.)

.. $4.2k

That's $700 more than my 17" MacBookPro with ALL specs or my Alienware m17x WITH all my specs as well as they're about $3.3k - 3.5k.


I really have to pick either one, and during my working period, I'll save up for a new laptop.

As I told a friend of mine, EdwinKST, it's all about "long term investments". In a way, yes and no. Yes, because these products are either high-end or at least somewhere near there. As long as we don't plan to switch it, and we're staying in the same field for quite a bit, there is absolutely no reason to spend more hefty expenses on it.

Bad, because the whole "long term investment" is a positive and optimistic thing to say so we don't feel bad about the money we can actually save up for a proper rainy day, or a global financial crisis.

Besides that financial crisis, I do check my bank account on an insanely daily basis. But today, when I came home to check my account balances again, there was a huge sum that was missing.

Could only mean one thing.

Something's being packed, and prepared to be shipped over.




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