Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Discovery.

This should be a post on my other blog about music @ msglacius, but I have yet to confirm if this were to work.

Friends, and dear musicians, I believe you know that I will be getting the iPad very soon, and I just can't bloody wait.

And thanks to another day of shopping at the AppStore, I stumbled upon this application that's about AUD$12.99, called Pianist Pro. What this does is that it allows you to play a keyboard user interface on the iPad over a wireless network that syncs with your PC/Mac/Linus device and keys in the MIDI data you transmit over.

Latency can be set through this programme. If you were to kindly watch the video below, you'd get what I'm saying.

This is just awesome! For 3 years, I never had the money to purchase a MIDI keyboard, and I lost all sources of inspirations in buying a new one just to get things started. But with Pianist Pro, and if all goes well, I might get down with some tunes; once again.

For three years! And I've considered to get a MIDI controller here in Hobart after the guitar, and looks like I have a cheaper alternative to last me until I get one!

I've got LoopBe (A type of MIDI Loopback Driver of some sort) installed in my computer already, and Reason 4.0's picking it up. The other programme to bridge the iPad's transmitted data to LoopBe would be none other than Pure Data.

The final step is to key in a few numbers and blow AUD$12.99 and sync my iPad to Pure Data, which is already connected to LoopBe, I can begin fine tuning the latency (if there's any) of the iPad to the laptop, AND get tunes produced, once again!

I was thinking on how the hell I'm supposed to get Fragments of Beliefs (Gray) up and running again after leaving the original Reason file in Penang. I can always remake it, and now I don't have to painfully mouseclick every single note out.

Besides showing off, I'm really waiting for the iPad to come by.

Steve Jobs is right. No matter how ridiculous you all think the iPad is, I'd love to see another mobile device act as a MIDI Controller to control and produce music in a less gay sense (e.g. the earlier SE ringtone makers)

It's barely 2 more days.

And this is going to own bigtime.

Other OSC-based videos include:

And if I'm not mistaken, another view allows you to use Pianist Pro in a sense like a Continuum, not John Mayer's album, but the instrument that looks fully plastic on the keys, but still operates on MIDI, and you're able to twitch the pitch/frequency (like a modulation wheel on the keyboard) and give it very devestating results.

If Pianist Pro is able to produce results like what a Continuum can do, I'm definitely buying it at $12.99 because it's hell underpriced.

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