Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh No! I Can't Play Music!

.. Which I think would be the most gay-est thing someone would ever say. We always have the likes of Stevie Wonder, who's blind. And played everything he touched with magic.

Sadly, majority of the people do not see the progress of the production side of music, hence they wouldn't know the effort being put into certain songs and stuff.

So what do you think?

Let's have a look. What if there were to be a guitarist, who's blind, and who can actually shred against the likes of Prince (to judge at a same level in terms of speed), and sing?

Jeff Healey!

Music, has no boundaries. You know it well when you see them singing to their hearts contents.

But what happens if you suffered from paralysis? Let's say, finger paralysis.

Uh. There's always Django Reinhardt. As weird as it sounds, his fingers are always curled up due to fire burns and paralysis.

But he is noted to be one of the pioneers of European Jazz music.

Pretty awesome.

And today, the guitarist of Holy Diver passed away, and it's on the headlines (at least) on ultimate-guitar. At this time and age, one by one of them are..falling.


When the day that Steve Vai falls, I'll be dead heartbroken.

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