Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finally Getting The Hang Of It.

After 10 weeks in this semester, magically, ONLY this week, I started to..

  • Understand on calculations, and comparing our results via t-tests to elaborate on how it is related to the questions and answers in an economics sense.
  • Understanding how bits and pieces on how banks really work if there were to be a regulation and no regulation.
  • Understanding how prices are being decided based on what we see in our everyday lives, and drafting a graph to relate whatever we have in mind to it.

Of course, 10 weeks ago, I was about 5 to 10 steps ahead in management. Child's play.

But the above 3 points makes me feel like I'm someone new. And getting used to the university life. Or back to the studying life after an unexpected 6 month break.

Never ever take breaks between the previous and next level education. I think I actually regretted stopping my studies for a deadly 6 month period.

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