Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How To Start A Morning.

I think if you were to be living where I were to be staying, you might have noticed a guy with a grey jumper, white shoes, jeans and a black "cute" backpack bobbing his head towards an insane tempo.

Yup. I found my Slipknot collection ranging from the 1996's till present (Since I already have All Hope Is Gone), and my word.

They don't sound boring.

And I think the guitars for the 2001 album - Slipknot - sounded so much more heavier than what the present album offers.

And Corey Taylor is still fuckin' insane.

Then I warmed things down by listening to Manhattan by Eric Johnson. The only thing I have in mind is to go home, sit down and just try and enjoy in catching up with Johnson's unique finger technique and notations. Heh.

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