Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy Fucks.

I must be joking myself. One application made a huge difference in my studying discipline.

I re-used my TopDesk, where it splits from one desktop to 6 different desktops (based on the same "Boss" button where another desktop appears when you're in the office, and you don't want to boss to see what you're doing, etc), and allocated one desktop to have FaceBook, Skype, and MSN running, and my 2nd desktop was bombarded with Econometrics notes, workshops and solution keys.

And I'm surprised that I didn't switch from the 2nd desktop to my first and procrastinated.

I actually sat down for about 4 hours and focused on my Econometrics!

Good Lord.

Now, to put this aside, update my Daily CheckBook Log, and continue what I'm supposed to cover tomorrow.


Pre-Order.iPad.2MoreDays. YUAYYYYYYYYY

(of course, I'm going to be hell broke if my boss doesn't bank in my $$).

1 comment:

Joey Shinoda said...

i want that!!
the whole two-6 desktops thing!