Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24th May 2010.

Remember this guy?

He hails from one of those majorly-inspired nu-metal bands that decides to do scream-o's with raps, or rapping via screaming, accompanied with a shitload of heavy riffs by their guitarists.

And probably the only band that has 1 drummer, and 2 supporting percussionists.

They're also known better as SlipKnoT.

In my honest opinion, Paul Gray was always timid, and like any other bassists (except for those who stand in the middle of the stage and solo-ing), is greatly underrated by the conventional listeners.

Paul Gray did his part, and he always had a unique way of playing the bass - even if he plays on odd tunings which is very interesting.

Also, when bands like Linkin Park came up, Linkin Park were categorised as "Nu Metal" because of their nearly-same style until Reanimation was released.

SlipKnoT were one of the bands that created an interesting blend of music that allowed other musicians to further out in their own ways besides falling under Death Metal, Heavy Metal, etc, when it does not involved rapping or what sort.

Dated 24th May 2010, the 38 year old bassist, who was also expecting his first child with his wife was found dead in a hotel in Slipknot's hometown, Iowa. His autopsy still shows an unknown cause of death.

RIP, Paul Gray.

You'll always be remembered.

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