Monday, May 10, 2010

Last Night..

Could have been magical.



But nope. Apple Australia's iTunes Store was under construction. Which is a good and bad thing.

Bad thing: I waited past 2am to place my preorder on the glorious iPad.
Good thing: You KNOW that Apple's updating their constantly-same-design website for something. Something.. new.

YES, Australian ladies and gentlemen! The store's up, and the iPads are available for PRE-ORDER!

And because I was spoilt for a choice, I was clicking back and forth between a 32gb or a 64gb.

$120 difference.

So what do you think?

OH. And yes, they sell the awesome iPad casing as well. drool00

T-minus 18 days..!

And DON'T ask me how much it costed -_-

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