Monday, May 10, 2010

Feels Great.

As some of you know, my boss was in Hong Kong during the past week, so I had to be on shift at a taxing rate. Pretty tiring as you don't get off days, which really sucks.

But I got a good sum of money here :D.

Anyways, I popped by McCann's Music Centre and Hobart Music Centre for 2 things. A guitar, and an amp. A Fender Stratocaster Made in America, ash body, S-S-S, full maple neck and a crap Marshall amplifier.

Problem is, I remember I stated my budget for my guitar and amp would be $1,500 = 1,200 + 300 (for guitar and amp respectively).

The Strat costs me AUD$2500.

Hence, I can kiss my D300s or MacBookPro goodbye.

Because I'm dead serious in getting the guitar. Give me a few months and you'll see me freaking happy!

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