Monday, December 15, 2008


For the past few days, I have been going off course and not focusing on my music studies. Weird, but I think I really need some time off.

.. Which I have been doing, lately. I'm glad to say that I never felt any better in my nearly-hectic life.


I have to really thank those who have been worried, and have been praying for me to enjoy such relaxation.

I'm bad at this. Haha.

Anyways, after months of thoughts (Since July), I was thinking which would be better:
  • MIDI Controller/Keyboard - to continue music production at a more effective and efficient rate compared to sickening mouseclicks.
  • Canon SX10 IS - to finally snap pictures that I don't usually get to during gigs and events.
The music keyboard would cost about RM1,100 - 1,300 for the range I'm looking for. Something wide with many keys, a modulation and pitch bend wheel, and a USB port (which should come in all modern keyboards these days. But sadly, the cheaper ones don't come with that). Voices and effects doesn't matter because Reason won't detect that, and Reason already provides 2 GBs worth of samples, voices, instruments and effects.

The camera, as I went scoping around randomly yesterday, would cost RM 1,799. Some packages would include a lower price tag, with batteries, a tripod, camera bag, memory card.. etc

So I thought about this. I'll work my butt off for my passion, which is the musical side, and the camera..shall be me Christmas present because my dad already approved of it.. Wheeee!

Oh. Add another RM100 and I'll be getting the basic range of Canon's DSLR family. I was holding onto it for a few minutes yesterday @ Low Yat Plaza, but like most handphones out there (or iPods), you'd spend all that money, but end up not using at least half of the provided functions.

Might as well stick to something not-so-serious, yup? Plus it works quite well as a mini-SLR.


.. XD

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