Friday, December 19, 2008

Oh Whee.

Minor updates:

  • Results: I got A for my Financial Accounting 2, and B+ for Commercial Law, Management Accounting 2 and Accounting Information Systems. Terbaik.
  • I am very deprived from sleep.
  • I am screwed because I'm blogging, uploading pictures of the Starbucks 10th Anniversary Gala Night Dinner, and packing at the same time.
  • Need to rush about Starbucks for Christmas shopping. (Family assignment?)
  • Christmas present decided: Canon PowerShot SX 10 IS .. and I have it on hand with me!!!
  • Learning Dream Theater's Overture 1928. Fun song to mess around with.
  • Heads off to Port Dickson for the end of the year tomorrow.
  • Currently based in Kota Damansara on Weekdays and Ikano on Weekends. Effective next year as agreed on both of my Store Managers due to my stupid college schedule next year.
  • Demotivated to study.
  • Lost all sort of priorities.
Ok. Will blog more. For the moment, here's something to see with the wide-angle feature in the Canon PowerShot SX10 .. Cantik giler.

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