Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Not Work That Exhausts You.

"Uh. Where's the Frap Mix?"
"Uh. Where're the domed lids?"
"Uh. Where're the syrups?"
"Uh. Where's the parchment papers?"

And many more.

And then came Borders; The Curve:
"Uh. Where's the place to dispose of the trash?"
"Uh. Where's the Markout Pitcher?"
"Uh. Where's the steaming pitcher?"
"Uh. Which one is decaf, and which one is espresso?"

Uh. Uh. Uh.

The other thing about working in cafes based on franchises, would be that you have to adapt to the store. And if you're not quick enough, half of your productivity is wasted by those "Uh"s.



Yeah man.


Oh. For Borders, was even better. Because me and my senior, Nana, and both of us hailing from Ikano, not knowing what is there to be done in the new store, and where the items were placed, both of us died on the spot. We just served customers, and did whatever we needed to do.


Is Goodnights. Hoho.. What a day..

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