Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some people have the oddest attitudes. Also, not forgetting that they lost their basic sense of who they really are, sadly.

I met this musician a long time ago who was spoilt for choices on what he wanted to do next in his life. He got a scholarship and I told him that if he had the chance to do so, he'd better go for it, regardless of the expenses and all.

Apparently, he made it through, and I was somewhat happy to arch him graduate, although we lost contact for quite a bit. But now, thanks to sites like FaceTube and Twitter, we can't say that we lost contact at all with whoever it is we want to try and lose contact at all.

Oh wait, there's an effective way. Buy a HP laptop, and just let the motherboard explode on you 4 times when you expect it to run for years.

So, what caused this issue of mine? I was happy, but not happy to see him at his current state. If he thinks he's a better musicians by stating comments that he has studied and settled several songs of a certain musician, that's great.

But saying that he "sucks", now where's the respect of musicianship in him?

Sure, Slash can say that because.. Well, he's Slash.

We all know the likes of Guthrie Govan and Steve Vai would gladly eat Slash up for breakfast, but no. They decide to tidy him instead.

Now, if you were to say that you have an issue with someone, that's fine. But publicly declaring that he is not up to your standards and whatever it is, that's just plain arrogance.

Look at John Mayer. He IS a good guitarist and a musician due to his multi-talent stint going on. And he once played side by side with Eric Clapton, which is his biggest dream, and guess what?

He out performed Eric Clapton.

But, he wouldn't have out performed Eric Clapton, if there were to be no Eric Clapton.

His main source of inspiration comes FROM Eric Clapton.

Like the snot that his royal highness, Jimi Hendrix, inspired the thousands, if not, millions, of guitarists out there in the world today.

The simple fact is this: if he has a fan base, the commandment of music states that thou shall not say he sucks.

They may suck to you, but why don't you say something like, he doesn't suit your expectations?

And if you're learning his songs and if you dare to say something like that, then DON'T learn his songs. And if you say that your education institute forced you to, then you should've given up your scholarship.

I don't think that there is a 101 class of teaching you to criticize a musician in a very unprofessional way.

Even I grew out of the stage saying that commercialized bands suck. I can't even say that my interest doesn't lie in them, and yes, I admit that I do like to kick back and listen to The Bee Gees.

So if you're reading this, there is no intention of putting you to shame, or making you feel bad, or saying that you, in your own words, "suck". You have my respect, only when you buck up that attitude of yours first. Take this as a light message, as you never know what your attitude might get you into a "sucky" situation. :)

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