Monday, August 23, 2010

The Quest for Tone VI.

I went down to McCann's Music Centre again. This is where I am doing the deals for my upcoming the guitar, if you don't know already, and alongside with supported pedals.

I texted the dealer, and he sent me an email (which I was unable to access because I was at work), and he stated that my Jim Dunlop BG-95 had already arrived.

I didn't really bother, but things are quickly falling into place.

And I really didn't bother. But when he took the pedal out of the box and showed it to me, we were both in awe. Along with the other kids around in the music store. We were amazed at the design. It's strong metal casted, rubber grip for the shoes' soles, and Buddy Guy's signature polka dots.

And yes, the rest of the store were going, "What the hell? A pedal with polka dots?"

It is dead weird, I have to admit. But I don't think I've seen anybody with this pedal.

All being picked up next week. This is going to be my first fully-analogue setup after 8 years.

This is like a dream come true.

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