Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Other Half.

It's simple,
It's confusing,
It's painful,
It's a blessing.

There is a reason why people call their partners - their other half.
I didn't believe it, because it sounds stupid.
It's cliche.
But I'm the fool.

Probably the biggest fool in the world,
For not understanding something simple.
Always complicating things,
Always trying to understand.

I take one step at a time,
And I made it through.
And as many steps I can take,
One day, I'd fall.

But that's what the other half is for.
They listen to us when we're in need.
It's like God answering our prayers,
Only in person.

Like the long road I had to walk,
You came with a car.
Why didn't I think of that?
Because I never had my other half.

Let's dance under the moonlight,
With the sand in between our toes.
Swaying with the tempo of the waves,
Sweet, innocent love - on the beach.

Even though that I was alright without you,
But I had no heart.
I knew no pain, no love, no emotions,
I only knew life.

I spoke to life,
And life gave you to me.
I forgot how was it like to look someone in the eye,
I forgot that I was just human.

So, what's this rubbish about the other half?
Cliche? Cheesey?
I'm not me,
When I ain't got her.

And when I ain't got her,
Nobody's gettin' me.
I'm only half a human,
But she makes me one.

She's the other half.
The other half of me.
Her love is simple, but tough.

And my heart and love belongs to Rainnie Chee.

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