Friday, August 27, 2010

The Quest for Tone VII.

Okay. So I went a bit overboard and blew about $100 more than I expected, even after the purchase of my upcoming figure(s) and game(s).

I wanted to get a pair of studio monitors, ranging from a 30 - 70 watt that works for mixing purposes, but the cheapest one that suits my taste and likings costs a hefty $500.

That is the standard price that people have to pay for tone. So I decided to take up an old friend's advice - Freddie Kam.

"You don't need studio monitors if you're under budget. Just save up for a good pair of headphones and you'll be working in no time. Plus studio monitors - good ones - would cost quite a lot."

He was right. Because the $500 ones I was looking at were the base models.

Hence, I went off to, and searched for the headphones that I saw in JB Hi-Fi, and they were about $50 cheaper - comes inclusive with postage.

And they came pretty quick. I was not around to pick it up, and like every other Apple products that I missed out, I had to go to the TNT Depot and pick it up (which I completely do not mind driving for).

And here we goooo.. !

I'm a sucker for in-ear headphones because it isolates noise from the outside. I just found out that my Nokia E71, (which I got on the same day as my iPhone as well) rings pretty loudly.

But when I put these babies on, I didn't even bloody hear my phones ringing. All of them. And some people know that my ringtones are pretty darn annoying.

So, it's a Sennheiser. To me, I think this is probably one of the best value for money-based headphones. Only at $140, and it delivers pretty crisp tone for monitoring purposes. It's a studio-based headphone, so you don't expect much from the low frequencies. BUT, it DOES pick up bass frequencies, it's just that it doesn't pick up as much as what you get from subwoofers.

But that's the main point that everybody gets wrong. Tone isn't all about screeching guitars or heavy thumping bass. It really depends where you're at. And for studios, I think you're better off with a biased-free tone setting.

The frequency response graph for this headphones is definitely > 0dB .. It doesn't even touch the negative side of the dB, so that explains why you are not able to get any power bass responses.

But to shut you from whining, I could hear Victor Wooten scratching and stopping his strings with his index finger in "The Lesson".

I nearly cried.

This baby is bloody beautiful.

And all the pictures above are taken with the iPhone 4's camera! Not bad with lots of lights around, and the front camera runs on a VGA resolution, but it looks better than my 6151 - which is a bloody ass old school 1.3mp camera. lol.

My God, the pictures are clear. lol

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