Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Quest for Tone V.

I never had a plastic card to swipe over counters, but apparently, even kids have those cards here in Australia.

They're not credit cards, but full-fledged debit cards that can be used internationally (hence, my eBay spree) compared to Malaysia.

And even if I had a debit card in Malaysia, I wouldn't have enough money to even purchase anything.

Anyway, as a musician, I just got discovered here in Hobart, Tasmania! All I did was played the guitar several times until I managed to get Fly Me To The Moon by Paul Gilbert right, and my housemates received a mail. On a Saturday (where postal services are usually closed), sent to "The Guitarist" in my house.

Isn't that awesome?

I opened it up, and read that it was a letter stating that my neighbour does not mind me playing the guitar in the day, but it is fairly unreasonable to play the guitar at 3am in the morning.

I have got to love and hate acoustic guitars.

Hence, I decided to get something - which I've been considering due to the fact that studio monitors are not cheap. The M-Audio Studiophile AV30, I just found out, are multimedia speakers.

In other words, a branded Altec Lansing, without the big ass subwoofers.

Although at $135, I am still considering to get one of those babies - until I saw these.



Proper headphones for proper music listening pleasure.

Plus these are really comfortable to wear, and to record with.

.. Or play the Strat for a couple of hours. Or days. Or weeks. Or months.

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