Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Quest for Tone II.

Now, when I was in Malaysia, I always went something like, "Yup, I'm saving up for a guitar". Or a car. Or a prostitute.

I never saved up for dinner, and I had good meals (overpriced at times too).

So what's the difference with me being in Australia?

I walk the talk.

I present to you, the first part on my somewhat magical quest for tone: The Roland CUBE 30X

Yes, this is the preparation stage. I want that day when I get my Fender Stratocaster to be THE day where I just sit down, plug my guitar in, and start playing for the next 5 months non stop.

And in other words, I do not have a guitar to try it on, sadly. But I had a run of this thing at the shop, and it sounds superb on a single-coil guitar!

There is a smaller version of this thing, that I've played on before. It passed my expectations, and it was bloody loud for a 15 watt amp. This is a 10-inch speaker loaded with 30 watts, that has more effects to mess around with, a foot-switch selector, auxilary in (No idea why the hell that thing is there), and well, Roland owns BOSS, so the effects they had on the amp was pretty..Interesting.

Have a look at the dials!

Now you see, the last part for the distortion bit it called the Dyna-amp. All you need to do is to flick 0.5 gain on that, and flick your pickup selector to a single-coil pickup. Produce as low output as you can on the pick, and you'll play clean. Jam as hard as you can on the strings, and it'll be all distorted.

But I can't give a full review of this amp. Because I don't have a guitar.

.. Yet.

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