Saturday, July 24, 2010


First of all, I would like to say, I nearly have a solid driving licence in Tasmania. Currently, it's a temporary one, only because my licence is in progress.

In other words, I passed! I nearly failed by 2 points, but that's all good.

The only advice I got was:

"The stop signs are there for an obvious reason."

Which is the most polite way to mention, "You should fucking stop, for once."

Like how Victor Wooten was asked to play less notes on his bass guitar when he was flooding tracks like nobody's business: "Remember Victor; We have two ears. One for the band, and one for music."

Others will ask you to tone down, play more stuff, etc, and that'll just demotivate you in a certain degree. Even if it doesn't, I bet you'll feel like shit for by 0.01%

Other than that, I've paid more attention to Eric Johnson (!!) only because the dates to my Fender Stratocaster is drawing close. Coming next month, I should be stable enough to pay the first deposit, then begin its shipping to Hobart, Tasmania.

Question is, how long is that going to take? I forgot to ask. Heh.

So I have to place my order weeks before expectations.

iPhone 4's pre orders isn't opened to Australia just yet, which is scary. The iPhone 4's release is 30th of July. Is Apple planning to not allow users to buy their phones up front first? Or ..?

The other problem is the famous Micro Simcard compatibility issue. My concern is none of that. I'm just wondering when will they have a proper leather folio casing for the iPhone 4, and make sure they have all appropriate screen protectors on the day of release, and I'll keep my mouth shut.

Other than that, university's pretty okay.

.. Or not. I won't touch much issues there.

One thing's for sure. I feel my brain's beginning to rust on me. Like a mercenary, a hero, only know nothing but brute force and survival for the love to his country.

A mercenary protects the physical state of the country, but he can't be running for politics now, can he?

He won't know the demographics, the economy, the news, and the updates that he should be knowing to improve his knowledge in handling his own country.

He only knows the battlefield.

I'm not senile, yet, but I'm starting to feel that age is catching up. The idea of adaptability used to work, but I don't think that can ever happen anymore. I slacked off way too much, and I tend to not do much nowadays.

Sadly, I wish I was not in this state. I wish to be productive. The reason why I excelled in my studies (believe it or not), was because that I could apply what I learnt at work in my studies.

Believe it or not, it was Starbucks that taught me whatever I needed to know to go against lectures with a solid point that they did not think of.

Which is a good thing; the point of a workshop. Contribution of ideas, arguements being counter-attacked, re-evaluated, and planning a possible conclusion to overcome any factors.

It's funny. It's ironic.

But give me any longer with this attitude, and I might drop out very soon.

Can I be like Orianthi, Alexi Laiho and Yngwie Malmsteen? All good guitarists because they dropped out of school at the age of 16 (for Orianthi and Alexi), and Malmsteen who had a 16-hour schedule for guitars, and 8 hours of sleep.


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