Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Quest for Tone.

Today, I paid off and finalised my order for the Fender Stratocaster that I've been planning. This is the part where I planned for something, and actually made it happen.

Previously, I was just .. planning, and there was no outcome.

This time, I have evidence that all's going to head my way. I paid the biggest sum I have ever did at one go.

Bugger. The oddest thing is that I don't feel the pinch compared to expensive grocery shopping, etc.

Maybe it's all about budgeting?

Anyways, so here's the gear setup that I am foreseeing:

American Standard Fender Stratocaster (Sienna Sunburst - Ash bodied w/ full maple neck)
Roland CUBE 30X (I wanted a Marshall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this will serve as a good practice amp FOR the moment. Planning to get a Marshall in the near future anyway.)
BOSS Blues Driver
Jim Dunlop Buddy Guy Wah Pedal

I need to get a couple of daisy chains too. If all goes well (which I doubt), I should be able to own all of the above by latest end of September.

I've got other things in mind, so the chances of getting all of the above stated is very very slim.

I just had a listen to the Blues Driver, I should be able to survive with the pre-setted amp's distortions. But other than that, this will be my firsttime in 8 years of guitar experience, getting my FIRST guitar amp!

Yes, read that right. My FIRST guitar amp!


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