Monday, July 12, 2010

Fresh Air.

I'm looking at my subjects: 2 starting with 1xx and one starting with 2xx. Meaning two Year 1, and one Year 2 subject. It shouldn't be that tough.

If I fail this time on any of the subjects I registered for, I'm just born dumb and Finance is not my field.

On another note, Semester 2 feels great. It's not like the failed subjects from the previous semester were pre-requisites to the subjects I am taking now, but it's more to like the other way around. These are the basic subjects that I was supposed to sit for before I went and declared war with Finance. It doesn't work that way.

Unless if you're a suicide bomber, then that's a whole different approach.

I finally stepped up for my driving licence theory test. And I failed. HAHAHA. I only had 2 wrong, and shit, I failed! I think I was either supposed to only get 1 wrong, or none wrong at all.

Will try again tomorrow.

And yes, it's free. That's why I don't mind failing this test LOL

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