Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Another Day.

Last night, I passed my driving theory test. It felt like as if I was retaking my whole licence all over again from scratch. Heh. My driving test is up next Wednesday, and the only thing I need to bitch about is to find a damned car. This is when I'm going to kiss my boss' ass by asking him properly if he could lend me his car during the test. If no, I'll just have to pull off the biggest bullshit lie to some poor car rental company.

On another note, I'm typing this at work, but only publishing it when I get to the closest wifi spot available. Looking at my time today, that would be at uni.

And yes, I am finally utilizing my iPad, and seeing how it is any better than bringing a hard copy of my notes, or a soft copy would do just fine. At the end of the day, I still scribble my notes onto an exercise book.

I had a test run a few days ago at class. All I can say is, if you don't have a proper desk for yourself, you can kiss comfort goodbye. The iPad, compared to my netbook, is bloody heavy. I didn't notice this issue when I first got it until recently. Still, it's complete stupidity to compare a netbook with this highly priced, high resolution, photo frame.

What this thing beats the netbook is, the comfort of typing anything, and I dare say, ANYTHING. Because of the iPad's life-size keyboard, it beats the crap out of any 92% scale of a real keyboard. I've been typing on a standard keyboard for about 14 years and switching to something small is completely ridiculous.

Now, I'll put this to the compatibility test in UTAS. I understand that our online learning system works well only with Internet Explorer (which is completely stupid too). My housemate once submitted her assignment through Mozilla Firefox, and it did not get submitted. Same issue like me with SkyDrive (under MSN). My files could not be transferred over because I was on Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Of ourselves, if I used something like Safari, it would've probably caused a Cyber World War X.

So, MyLO on UTAS. There's a rat race going on. I need to register for my tutorials later on, and hopefully, getting the time that i really want. If not, im pretty much screwed. If MyLO does not respond well with the iPad, then it's clear. The iPad's not put to blame, because iPhones and iPod Touches are required to install their own profiles in order to access the campus' wifi network. Which should be a tad bit interesting.

Oh well. Till then.

I wonder if the battery would go flat before the day ends. Oh wait. This isn't a power-sucking Microshithead device, it'll last me until the day after tomorrow, if I get bored, and probably next week if I don't get bored :)

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