Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's a rare thing, because I never received it last semester regarding this issue.

It's simple, you get paid $250 per unit of note taking. All you need to do is to attend the lectures and just write a whole shit load of things that makes the student understand asap.

There's a 1-3 day deadline for the notes to be written out.

Now I'm not doing this for the money, but the best way to understand a certain subject, is by teaching it. That's why you are required to at least lecture for a few semesters or a few years if you were to ever pursue your Masters or something.

It makes sense, and it's more stressful than anything else, actually. I mean, teaching kids, and ensuring they pass their exams without tossing them the exam's answer sheet, that's a real challenge.

Plus, I always loved sharing things from a different point of view. Like the iPhone 4. It already came out in Australia yesterday, but did I even make an effort to buy it?

Yes I did, but I won't be the first one, unlike the iPad. I'm not entirely giddyish about this phone, but I'll just wait for my replacement unit (in comparison to my current phone) to pop by. It'll be coming somewhere in August. There were no pre orders for this one, by the way. So I had to wait for the orders to open, and it'll just take me a few weeks extra to receive it. Heh.

And why the iPhone? Because it fits me. There are other better smart phones out there (Definitely not a Nokia, by the way), like the HTC Desire (which I just found out that it only costs about $719) and the Blackberry Bold 9700 ($650++) and plenty of other phones out there!

But too bad, apps are restricted on those phones, and you don't get as much as you do out from your device unlike the iPhone.

So yeah.

If the iPhone were known to explode fate a day's use, I would've went for the HTC Desire or the Blackberry Bold.


So, like music, just spark a conversation with me. I'd love to share what I know, and I'm willing to learn.

And when I meant music, I mean MUSIC, not who's your favorite band and why it rocks and all that.

Totally different universe.

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