Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh Sweet Stratocaster.

I was at McCann's music centre checking out several guitars with a friend of mine, Karen Belarek. A very old friend of mine that we met through another friend of ours. Since she just came to Hobart, I had to drag her around and bore her with more guitar stuff.

Only because it is educational!

If you were to be her, you'd notice that I would be having my nose fitted into all angles of the American Standard Fender Stratocaster that I saw for only AUD$2199, which is under my 2599 expectations.

Only problem is, the maple neck was a bit too glossy (probably protection) and it's a HSS setup, when I wanted a SSS setup.

That didn't matter.

I grabbed it, and I felt I was possessed.

It was somewhat light, the neck felt like silk, and the string tension felt great.

The feel of it just had me mesmerised.

That is the guitar I am going to get soon. Not because of musicians getting it.

But because, I felt it bonding with just a touch.

And I can pretty much imagine how it sounds like....

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