Friday, June 18, 2010

You Know..

I was happily studying with motivation since 7am this morning after an hour's procrastination, and guess what.

My HP restarted itself. Not handphone, by the way. Who ever studies through their handphones? -_-

My laptop restarted itself after installing some updates. It's great they prompted me regarding the updates available. It's great that I updated the required softwares.

But it's not great when everything shuts down without even a single fucking prompt.

And for the past one week, I thought that spending 2.9k AUD$ on my dream MacBook Pro was a real waste of money.

But thanks to this problem, it made me realise that I don't think sticking with Windows any longer is going to make me a happy man.

I don't know how you guys use Vista, but I respect y'all for it. I shall express my love for Microsoft Vista, and any related Microsoft products.

I fucking hate Microsoft, and you fuckers should stop producing operating systems since Bill Gates retired. You fuckers don't even have a fucking clue of what you all are doing, you bunch of fucked up fucking Operating System programmers.

Jesus. Be like Apple. Take 10 years to install the feature of "Cut, Copy and Paste", but at least they got it fucking right. If you all even attempted to build something like the iPad, you all would have fucking failed dramatically.

And to top it all, let us not forget that Windows Vista was fucking based on Mac's OSX. Just that, Apple uses less resources compared to what you all are fucking using.

Microshit Windows should have stopped at XP. No more, and no less. It's like Britney Spears. The typical pop icon for kids until she took drugs and became fat.

And HP, you know I've got fucked up issues with you. So you're on a different case.


I'm going to save up for a MacBook Pro!

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Eileen.Ho said...

=O *gasp*
in bold and capital letters =O
F u microsoft
microsoft.aint.that.bad =)