Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Hours.

2 hours was the time limit given to us when it came to writing essays and stuff for management. We were advised by our lecturer to spend at least 20 minutes average on each essay, and we had 5 to write.

I spent 40 on the first, 10 on the second, 15 on the third, 10 on the fourth, and 20 minutes on the last one. So that equals up to one hour and thirty five minutes spent.

But why did it take me long on the first essay?

Shit simple.

Explain on the general environment (which are technological, economic, legal/political, demographic, sociocultural, global) that can effect an organization. And relate your examples to either the tourism/hospitality industry OR the music industry.

.. Did someone just say music? LOL

I could not stop smiling for about 20 minutes as I jotted down what I already know of the music industry locally, AND internationally. Plus, technological advances on the music industry? MIDI music production, and that was even easier since I work on it as well during my free time.

Of course, this was Australia so I had to be completely free from bias, as other idiots would usually be biased to their own favorite artists and stuff. Since I'm in Australia, I wrote about none other than Orianthi. Besides Orianthi, KISS, Steve Vai, Led Zepplin, AC/DC and many other inspirational rock bands to the Australians (not to me, if you noticed already) was mentioned.

God, I love unexpected easiness. Heh.

And I have the rights to be smug all about this achievement because I spent about a week's time studying for this subject. And the next one is coming up very soon. Haha

And if you think I'm just showing off, let me tell you something. I'm not expecting a high distinction nor are my expectations are high. And if you happen to get one, congratulations to you. And honestly, it's all about application and implementing.

If you know how an engine works, it doesn't mean you know how to drive like Michael Schumacher.

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