Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Decisions That Kill Me.

On a summary basis, I have checked out Dell or Acer netbooks. And yes, being the biased asshole that I am, I only pick these two among the lot.

Besides that, I see that Dell is the straightforward, serious type. The specs are awesome for a netbook, but Asus would be the better choice when it comes to entertainment issues.

I admit that I do not play games, but I do watch a shit load of movies, so that's a definite yes.

And the thing that scares me about technology is that.. Even small devices like those come with HD audio, and some, comes with an ultra high resolution with HD compatibility.

Once again, my brains are completely fucked.

First choices, now quality. Haha.

God, I love choosing new things.

That's the difference between Mac and Microsoft. For the iPad, I didn't have much tough decisions. Pick a product, pick a size, and then pay.

Microsoft - pick a laptop, pick a screen size, pick your price range, pick this, pick that. You can even receive TV on it?! Pick that.

Boy, how do I love choosing things. If Mac were to be under my budget, I would happily get my first Mac, and call it my lifesaver.

Sadly, I can't say the same for Microsoft. I know it's just going to either blow up on me, or set me on fire while I sleep.

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