Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just One More Day..

To what?

No, not my finals. Nobody can ever be happy about their finals unless if they know they're going to pass it. Apparently, I don't really give a shit.

But what I do like to shit about is:

Boo yah!

The only time that most iPhone enthusiasts would know if the rumours were to be true, or not. Is the iPhone 4G going to be released, or not?

Besides that, there're also other sort of goodies, such as the rumoured iPod Touch (the 4th generation, I believe? It's going to have a camera as well), and the newer specs MacBook.

Oh joy, their summer is the thing, and our winter here means the happiest moment of my life!

And yes, there are also people who thinks that they're a bunch of stuck up snobs. Apparently, musicians who know too much tends not to share and show off what they can really do and expects you to worship them

Let me tell you one thing. I was anticipating Andy Timmons' clinic in KL last year, and it was a major flop. Only because he was (probably) in a bad mood.

He carried his clinics out half-heartedly, and it was more to like a solo-performance instead of a clinic. And here's a huge comparison: Wes Borland vs Andy Timmons.

Limp Bizkit's ex-guitarist, against a "Guitar God" (and the MC overemphasised that, who was an idiot apparently. He hasn't heard of the likes of Guthrie Govan, I suppose)

What Andy did was to.. play what he had already recorded that we can always listen to endlessly whenever we have his albums.

Wes Borland shared about what inspires him (in terms of art as well), to produce the riffs he made for Limp Bizkit and ongoing performances and shows.

"To bridge between what the bassist and drummer would play" - Wes Borland.

Now saying something like that, meaning he didn't want himself to stand out in the spotlight as well.

What a humble person.

And I'm not saying that Andy Timmons is worse off being whoever he is right now, but I'm saying that other people in the world, they just have to watch what they're saying because it's not offensive or disrespectful.

It's because you're going to make a fool out of yourself, eventually. And I'm worried if that were to happen.

Or on second thoughts, I don't really care if that were to happen. Haha.

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