Friday, June 25, 2010

Meet my new friend.

This fella is called an Android. And yes, he is directly related to Google's Android. I never knew how to use this, and I only know it as an OS for several smartphones out there where users don't find Microsoft Windows very friendly.

Nor was it of any use in the first place, anyway.

I'm running several apps, and I can't believe how light this thing is. Doesn't even take more than 2 seconds for it to boot up and is ready for use at any time! Of course, it'd be stupid of me to compare this Android OS against Windows OS as they have different performances.

But because I do hate Microsoft that much, I shall share.

I'd usually let my Windows boot up for quite a bit, and then let it run for about 5 minutes after I log in just to grab full usage of the damned thing. Because everything's operating everywhere, and I don't really see the point of idiots trying to make money out of that.

When I run on Android, it doesn't take me long, and everything's just quick, and efficient.

I'm pretty darn surprised. This is going to be my awesome temporary netbook. Ever.

Only because it's:

1) Acer
2) Has Android QuickBoot.

It came with something else after the whole Android OS. Apparently, I kind of forgot what the hell that thing was called.

Was it MicroScopic.or..what? I know it's just bloody annoying.

IF you see me on MSN, especially eBuddy, you know darn well what OS I'm running on.

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