Thursday, June 24, 2010


For the first time that Google came up with an OS, it had to be on a smartphone.

But for a smartphone OS being on a netbook? Who would be that insane to be such dumb asses by doing so?

Acer would be the one.

And they're not as dumb as they are. If Ferrari gets their stuff strutted out with the FerrariOne series, why now Android on the AspireOne D260?

I never knew how to use Android, and I tell you, it is insane. Too bad it cannot view the files in my hard disk at the moment, but I tell you.

Using Android before I boot up my Windows 7 is mindblowing. It does not respond as quick as my previous HP, but it responds quicker than Windows 7.

I am completely satisfied with this purchase.

I have another OS to work on! And the default browser is FireFox!

And annoyingly, yes, I added Twitter to my Android desktop as well.

Heee :)

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