Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once Upon A Time..

There used to be this kid.

Pretty much stubborn, and always had things his way. Ranging from it to cost quite a bit, till it doesn't even cost anything at all.

Everything he spoke of, was correct - even if you liked it or not.

But that's the problem. That's what he thought.

Doesn't work with everybody.

He met this princess.

Some say that she's like a tomboy. Some say that she big and ugly. Some say she resembles an elephant.

Some say that this boy was magically transformed into a rat.

All I know is that these two hid away from the public and lived on with what they believed in.

Not religion, or culture. They believed in the thing that kept them going on.

They believed in love.

The boy, who was nearly a perfectionist. He grabbed his guitar and foolishly played songs that he restricted himself to play due to "Progressive Rock rules and religion".

But it made him realise what music is all about.

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

He just strummed the guitar, and started singing in the worst pitch and key ever. Or in a key inexistant until it made ears bleed.

Hence the breed of deaf people in the world.

But if that were to be true, is he wrong is doing such things?

Especially the words he says, which he is a stubborn person, but he didn't mean whatever he says. Most of the time.


I misses youze.

What are we hiding from, again?

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maefurriel said...

Story well told :) I somehow am a fan of your a way. hahaha.