Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Went To The Park Yesterday..

.. And I saw something educational!

I was at the park in Hobart yesterday with my brother and his friend, Brodie.

It was a podium, probably a memorial of some politician. I'm still unclear about who's the impact around here, but they were pretty tight on freedom back then.

So this was scribbled on the podium, on the surface where you'd put your bible and preach to the public. It stated something wise like:

"Freedom is a speech you speak to the public, not what others want to hear"

It didn't rhyme or any sort, but it was a pretty awesome statement. It felt motivational.

And in Penang, if you were to go to the Botanical Gardens, you'd see a big sign stating:

"Dilarang membuang sampah. Didenda RM200"


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