Monday, January 4, 2010


To fly, and seek another land.
No thoughts, no heart, no mind.
Just pick up the paper you see beside you,
Read, understand, and sign.

That will be good enough,
Until time is done.
Where nails and hammers,
Will be at your command.

My thoughts die,
My soul; tormented.
My happiness; drowned.
My tears; froze.

With a hood,
Hush now.
Let's see what's next..

I'm still pretty much alive. But still as busy as hell, preparing for my flight to Australia this coming.. January.

Dates are not disclosed. Try to hunt me down. Heh.

For those who have [sarcasm]FaceTube[/sarcasm], please do check out the LomoMomo Meets Christmas '09 album. Some shots, with the same bad conversion, with a little bit of amateur skills.

Constructive criticisms are welcomed.

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