Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Day in Penang


This is it. I'm not going to come back anytime soon. I doubt I know when I'm coming back to Penang to see all of you again.

For those who've I met up with, thanks for your time spent and what we've shared.

For those I never got the chance to, due to me being busy most of the time, I'm sorry, and I'll make an effort next time.

Thanks for all the wishes, guys. I'm going to miss all of you. Not only the Penang people, but the KL peoples too! You all know who you are!

Anyways, this was what I did today.

Afternoon: Headed to Simpang Ampat with my mum, settled stuff there, had tea.
Evening: Dinner with James and Pam, Hard Rock Hotel to watch Kelvyn's new guitar in public for the first time after it being done, and then the last supper with my Starbucks buddies.

So, remember the previous 2 blog posts regarding the guitar that Kelvyn was building? If you all have me on Facebook, I believe you all can check it out there. It's the 2nd latest album. Thanks to my brother for lending me his Nikon D5000 to take the shots. Turned out pretty good. Better than my camera, that's for sure.

So, check it out. These are the shots of Kelvyn's fully custom guitar!

He is one happy man right now. Congratulations upon building your dream guitar. Although minor faults here and there, but I'm glad you figured it out with your expertise! And although you're not going to read this, but thank you so so much for allowing me to assist you in building this baby of yours. Although I'm not a fan of bling bling shit, but I have to admit, this is a swell looking guitar. I've learnt so much (like usual) on the way on building this guitar!


And then, I rushed from Batu Feringghi to New World Park to join Rainnie, Wei Theing, Khai Keat, Ah Liang, Liew and Lydia for .. my last supper.

They prepared a mug with their signatures on it! So sweet of them as a farewell gift.

Guys, you all won't be reading this, but thank you very much! It makes me feel appreciated, and I'm glad that I've met all of you. You all are wonderful people, and I wish you all the best in your future undertakings regardless of what jobs you might switch to.

I'll be hitting KL tomorrow, and flying off this coming 17th of January to Melbourne.

Then 18th of January shall be a brand new chapter in my life, in a brand new foreign land.

The sweet smell of excitement..

Edit: I had a minor printing error on this blog. After the supper session, after sending Rainnie back, me and Ah Liang went and played L4D 2. Now I'm satisfied and ready to leave Malaysia. heh.

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