Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Night Down.

And I arrived home safely in the wee hours in the morning. For those who are following up, Kelvyn Yeang's custom guitar is finally done! It has a few faults around, like not being able to soldier the wires to the tone knob, making it useless for the moment, but it works!

The guitar works!

I can tell you, for those who're looking for a sound that fits a normal Fender Stratocaster, but would like a swing of Paul Gilbert's pinch-accurate parrarel tone, that's how this monster would be like.

After troubleshooting several issues with the American Fender Bridge (such as it knocking towards the side of the bridge when you use the tremolo bar, and making it go out of tune consistently), we were testing the guitar from time to time.

And my God, does it sound like a monster.

Overall, it is a very bright guitar compared to his other custom guitar that has the ability to play 9 different pickup sounds.

And I must say. I did hear Paul Gilbert testing the guitar due to the parrarel push-pull port with the Dimarzio pickups.

I'm still speechless, feeling satisfied and happy for Kelvyn because the guitar is finally done! And it turned out to be a good impulsive project for me. He planned it for months, but I planned to help him out on the day it arrived. Which is definitely a last minute plan.

At least something for me to see before anybody else in Penang, and before I leave for Australia.

I, once again, didn't take pictures of the entire process. I doubt I'd even have the time to do so even though I wasn't helping out much. But I'm heading to Hard Rock Hotel tomorrow as he is performing there.

This time, with my brother's Nikon D5000. So this would be a good test to see if this camera is "not worth the buy" through the words of my photographer friend.

Plus the last time I took pictures in Port Dickson in both daytime and nighttime, I think the camera worked quite swell. No problems given, and I have absolutely no complaints regarding the picture quality.

By the way, my brother got the Nikon D5000 only because it was cheap, and it came with 1 kit lens, and 1 75 - 200mm lens inclusive of the whole starter pack.

Wow. New guitar.

And Kelvyn suggested that I should make one myself.

What do I know, anyway?

But it does sound like fun. Just that I need to start working first.


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