Thursday, January 28, 2010

iThink iPad.

When it comes to pricing, I guess I'm sucked into the Australian currency already. I'm not comparing to the Malaysian currency at the moment.

The iPad, pricing ranges from $499 - $699, with each of a $100 difference between 16, 32 and 64 GBs worth of space.

Now for those who are familiar with the 3G network, the iPad also comes in a totally awesome compatibility where it runs on 3G wherever you go. That, would cost about how an iPhone 3GS. Ranges at $629, 729 and 829. Which is pretty awesome.

The pricing are in USD, at the moment.

Since I'm confirmed to get my iPhone (if the plan's approved), I might settle down with the iPad many months of savings later. I think it's pretty awesome.

And how they managed to make iWork applicable on the iPad, with its laptop-sized on-screen keyboard, I believe it will be relatively lighter to bring to class, and get notes and whatsoever done.

Best thing is, you're able to export whatever you've saved on the iPad to PDF, and things should be a little bit more familiar to Windows user from there.

I think this should be called iAwesome instead of the iSanitaryPad. But still, I'm amazed how their technology has grown.


Anyways, don't know what's an iPad? If you ask me, it's just awesomely convenient. But educate yourself in the mean time.

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