Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work @ Starbucks, Borders The Curve.

One word; La Marzocco..

.. Yummy ........................

No objections for being partner on loan there.


Ok nights.

Will be offline from 24th - 27th March.

What for..?


To find myself again.

Oh. Last minute changes, I won't be attending the Earth Hour @ CapSquare this coming 28th of March. Nevertheless, I'll be busy serving customers at Starbucks Ikano.



Moe Nasrul said...

You can still off your handphone at earth hour. What is star bucks doing at earth hour?

Glacius said...

Starbucks is going to switch off unused lights around its respected stores' premises. Not briefed regarding it, but I guess they'd do something about it.

Probably shut the espresso machines, blenders, grinders, oven, etc so we won't be serving customers for an hour.. he he he :p