Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Different Sunday.

Let's see. I did closing shift last night. And did opening shift.

More to like, back to back.

Right now, my eyes are flaring up like nobody's business. It's red as hell, but hey, I'm still alive. Although working today wasn't really comfortable until everybody came in during the closing shift.


I brought my camera around today, because I thought I wasn't going home, but then again, I did.. So what the heck. I got bored while waiting for my opening MOD to get to the store because I was there half an hour before the store opened..

Just chilling, and practising on familiarising on the manual focus thing.

Of course, my daily Sunday routine changed because there was a minor gathering.. Penangnites invading one of the most secluded area..

NZX, Ara Damansara.


Along with Natasha..

And long-time guitarist, Ying Kit!

Starbucks NZX.. Closing down real soon. Nice place though..


And this is a new view for me. Ying Kit's Janggut.

I knew he was going to like this.. Lol

Mr. Jack Skellington (SP?) with Jo Ann and Natasha.

Probably the luckiest dog alive -_-

Cool thing. It's a radio.

Mamma Mia indeed..

Ms Hawaiian.

Ok. Tomorrow middle shift. Wonderful. I'm getting a headache now.

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maefurriel said...

woohooo! very kinkeh!