Friday, March 13, 2009

Simple Tasks.

This was how I spent my Friday the 13th:

7.30am - Wake up.
8.30am ~ 12.30am - Work @ Starbucks Kota Damansara.
12.30pm ~ 1pm - Lunch @ McDs Mutiara Damansara
1.30pm - 7.15pm - Sleep.
8.30pm ~ 8.50pm - Waited for the bus after having a lot of decisions of what to do on an evening. Got the bus to Ikano
10pm ~ 10.20pm - Waited for another bus back home.
10.30pm ~ 11pm - Dinner @ Mamak and bought a burger.

Now I'm here. Guess what I'm going at the moment:

The usual blackcurrant juice, and this time, with its companion. A local favourite - the roadside malay burger.

Then I decided to be on the phone. Called Sayangku and we were talking about the moon.. So..

It's beautiful, really. Such a simple thing, yet.. Best enjoyed with someone around to watch it with you.

So, I decided to whip out the camera, the tripod, and the 20x optical zoom ( Can't get enough of that, eh. =p )

@ 1/100 shutter speed & F5.7

Then I decided to try a few more things. Like to lengthen the shutter speed:

8" shutter speed & F5.7

4" shutter speed & F8.0

But I saved the best for last. I think this is my favourite picture for the night. A blend of the moon's shine and the clouds surrounding the moon.

Sadly, I couldn't see the moon sharply. Would've helped a bit if I managed to get better lenses. Then again, I'm stuck with a semi-pro DSLR that can't do that.

But hey, it's good enough.

@ 2" & F5.7


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