Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not A Typical Monday.

Sayangku and I decided to go for our first mini-date. Since when I'm not working or having class, she'd be working. And when she's free, I'd have half day of classes, and probably work right after it. And sometimes, we end up working on the same shift, but different operational hours.

So we decided to make the best out of whatever we had.

She went on a shopping spree, and eventually had the bug to bite me. So I joined in on the fun. We went to OU, went for a shopping spree, had dinner, watched movie, then watched more stuff and had a minor picnic as well.

What she got me was sweet, really. Although I should be getting it myself, but she insisted on paying for it. Sigh. Thank you, really. I feel guilty up to this minute, but ..

.. I'm in no position to say sorry?

Besides her getting me a shirt, I also decided to get myself something that I've been eyeing for 10 months. So..

I was busy forking out some cash

Voila! Hohoho. She got the one on the left for me, and I got the coat on the right. The one I've been eyeing for quite a number of months. Decided to get it now since certain expenses has been voided from my accounts, thus resulting to more savings.


Dinner, anybody? ;)

I'm still awake after our dinner and dessert. Hohoho. Back to laundries.

And I guess this is the perfect time to update my wardrobe since my aunt's grand 70th birthday is just round the corner. Blah. More to like, RIGHT before my finals -_-


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

erm....1st cut tat thing..thn after tats can laar kan....muahahahahaahahahahahah...

Glacius said...

Pukimak fery! wahohoho

Anonymous said...

ooits....jgn mencarut lsh..DOSA la wei...muahahahahaha....bile nak hang out yam cha...since u r not single now...so myb shud do an appointment 1st kan...hahahahaha

Glacius said...

Hahaha..was planning to do so, man. problem is, I no transport d.. cos my ex-gf took the car back..she needed to use it, like finally! haha.

will call u lo, cos my finals really coming in on me.. maybe next week, or week after lo.. before/after my finals..