Saturday, March 14, 2009

On-Foot Delivery Service!

I received a call from an old friend of mine just now on the way back from my weekly BM class. It was Kelvyn Yeang. He said he was in town due to a private gig he was playing for in Renaissance Hotel, so he had only one favour..

Simple, right? Then again, the extension cable for my iPod Touch went haywire like usual, so I went to Ikano’s Ace Hardware to get the exact same thing, and then branched off to my unexpected journey.

Took quite a bit for the bus I was waiting for to come by. Weekends, that explains. The busses are lessened by half, so yeah.

It has been months since I last went on an LRT! It was a good memory and reminder of what I used to do before I got a job. Really interesting.

I like this shot though:

Then I finally arrived at Dang Wangi..

Where I later realised that it started to rain.

Equipped with only 1 raincoat, I had to make sure that I made full use of it. At least. I arrived at the hotel soaking wet. Wonderful, right? Sheesh.

Well, that’s about it. I went to Starbucks Borders, Berjaya Times Square to cool down and wait for the rain to die down to start my journey to walk back to Bukit Bintang again. Huhu.

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