Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Mind Me.

I've been keeping myself far too long already.

Tonight's a little bit different.

I tend not to show the jiwang-ness of my side. But I can't help it this time.

I'm in love.

It's wrong, but then again, it feels so right. If I were to keep this to myself, the bag of emotions that I have will probably explode.

Since the days you left the store I was working under, we got to know each other better. Ever since then, I've been visiting you.

Then again, I visited you because it was a friendship thing. Especially when you came into my store, seeing that the manager wasn't around, you assisted me in the store, even there weren't anybody.

"Friends never leave each other behind"

Well said. You earned my trust back then. You were different as well. I didn't know I was somewhat an impact in your life back then. I wouldn't know what's surrounding me as I'd be blur at least 14 hours a day.

You were sweet, really.

And now, I miss you. Family comes first, and as much as I wanted to say it over the phone that I was happy to hear that you're taking good care of your sister (when you'd usually tell me what you're doing since the last time I'd called in, then cut things short, I'd say a few words, then we'd say goodbye to each other), but I totally forgot. It's funny if you ask me.

But hey, what can I do?

Sorry for being so bloody jiwang, guys.

And sorry if there were hearts broken upon the previous posts and including this one.

But I miss you, sayangku.

Eventually, I know you'll stumble upon this page once you're so bored, until you get online.

So, I decided to unpack my bags of emotions for you.

And even though I'm going to be extremely broken soon.. But I've never felt happier. For a short period of time that I will never ever be able to experience, I'm willing to sacrifice, even if it were to cost me my blood.

One more, please?

EH, okay. Now I'm feeling very insecure. Wahohohoho.. Although there's another better picture, but then again, it'll stir up a very very unwanted commotion ..

Thank you for taking me for who I am,
Regardless the schedule that I have to go through everyday.
Thank you for being who you are,
Always finding the littlest time slots to put me into,
Guessing that's why I don't mind if you say that you'll be busy for a few days.
Eventually, you'll find that time again,
And we'd be walking by hand-in-hand.
Thank you for making me whole again,
Making us experience such childish high-school love.
If the public didn't mind,
I'd be giving you piggy back rides to wherever we were going,
Screaming in joy..
Past the rainbows..
Having picnics on an open field under the sunlight..
With sweet, sweet jazz..
You'd know we'd be smiling.

.. Till that time.

Then again,
My deepest apologies for the times I couldn't be there for you,
I hope you'd understand that I would've been there if I could.
My apologies for being imperfect at some aspects,
Or if I've been rude,
Or if I've been unreasonable,
Or if I haven't been myself.

As simple as I can offer myself,
The only thing I can offer is my heart, and soul.
Not many would understand that,
But that's what makes you ... you.

I miss you.

.. I love you.

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