Friday, March 20, 2009


How many of you here know that if I had the chance, I would be driving about mindlessly, getting lost, and just enjoyingthe roads?

Or if I were to be at work, I'd be one of those baristas wasting water.

Or I'd be probably doing something unproductive that relates to wasting the world's natural resources.

So my Store Manager decided to make me learn my lesson by making me attend the Earth Hour.

I should be working.

But then again, many others are heading there. So yup. I'm going to represent my store. And why me and not the other managers from the store, heh?

Maybe it's a good change.

So good, until I'll sleep without my fan from then onwards.


eMilyism said...

Don't have to torture your self sleeping without fan is not as sinful as air-cond.

so where are you going for earth hour? KLCC?

Glacius said...

That place near Dang Wangi station? CapSquare or something.. ? huhuhu..