Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stupid Malaysian Pricks.

Please pardon my title, but I was late for class this morning due to the typical Malaysian attitude.

I don't blame the nearly-wreckless bus driver for driving slow because he was in an obstacle course. From my place, it took me half an hour to get to Pelangi, which was probably a 10 minute walk from where I stay. Totally unreasonable. The traffic was really jammed packed, and what really scared me was that it was going to jam all the way to my place, to The Curve area, and then to LDP, which is the mother of all jamming spots.

It's always jammed, that stupid highway.

But until we approached The Curve area, traffic became velvety smooth, and everything went back to normal.

The cause: Typical Malaysian attitudes that caused the jam. There was an accident at the underground tunnel area, and everybody stopped and stared. I don't know what the hell happened, but there were kids by the sides of the tunnel, staring down towards the accident scene. When we passed by, believe it or not, the passengers of the bus also rocked to one side of the bus and wanted to see what was going on out of curiousity.

For me, being the guy who just continues walking after the person beside me who would eventually get shot, got irritated.

My timing was screwed up because of this typical Malaysian attitude. I'm Malaysian myself, but hell, what do you learn by watching a stranger's corpse? You're going to be blessed with gold or what?

Consider this, because you stared at the poor soul, you're going to get haunted until the next century, and your vagina will be saggy, or your testicles shall be contracted until the size of a flea per side.

You want that?

Do you fuckin' want that?

Then stop staring and let them be. Besides, the police/people involved are there to handle things without extra problems, e.g. typical kaypo Malaysians.


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