Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Ear-Ache.

Listening to the beats, over again.

It gets pretty frustrating when you've achieved something, but it doesn't work out right.

For example: putting a shark in the waters by itself, that's one thing. It'll happily swim around without disturbing you because it knows that it can't get to you.

But add a fish in, and the shark will gobble it up.

Then again, you add in a crocodile, both of them can't be bothered; The shark will continue swimming and the crocodile'd be somewhere sunbathing.


Same goes for my little project going on, requested by Schizzow.


I'm definitely losing my touch and there's no way I cannot admit it.

I get frustrated when I can't come up with self-time signature riffs.

I get frustrated when I can't even compose simple songs.

Now I can't even do music production?!


Whatever lah. I need sleep.

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