Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Know I'm Messy.

It's ridiculous about how many Nero Burning Roms I've installed just to find out which one was the compatible one on Vista.


I swear I've seen enough installation files running through my Vista, and honestly, no matter what improvements they do for Windows, it'd still stay the same.

The conclusion for every Microsoft OS-based review is going to be shit.

No matter how fine you may declare Microsoft Vista may be, and how much you disagree to whatever I say, it would be my honour to ask you to close this site and face the many problems which are coming your way in terms of how horrid this Operating System may be.

Honestly speaking, I've never used such nuisance before in my life, and I don't know how people may be so optimistic about their purchase on this nonsensical thing.

I'm speechless, but hell, my laptop's nearly at its condition before it was reformatted.

I forgot what I missed out.

Can't be bothered at the moment.

And I've been thinking a lot, lately. About the future. Not exactly a good thing, because I can't evade it any further. Guess my time around isn't going to be long until my next phase.

Sounds interesting, yet it's probably going to be chaotic.


I'm lost in some ways.

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