Monday, April 6, 2009

Guess Nothing Lasts Forever.

Especially cheap speakers.

My Sonic Gear EVO 7, as fancy as it sounds, died of a fanciful power failure.

Probably must've busted one of the fuses inside. I knew that sucking all the power out of only a single-plug point will kill these speakers.

Unfortunately, it died.


Thank goodness I'm not into music production that often these days.

Then again, I'll miss all the stupid tukau boom-boom bass that I can get out of these speakers.

Guess I'll settle down with simple headphones and speakers for the moment. Bleh.

Back to my trusty always-been-my-guitar-amp Altec Lansing Series 100... hohoho..


Fer said...

ooits...change d fuckin damn fuses laaa....wut laa u????sarung tau...gila dosa..hahahahahah

Glacius said...

Want to, but I ain't got the time. One day la.. Now using my Altec Lansing for the moment.. Plus to get to the power supply area of the stupid speakers are also quite hard -_- .. stupid thing