Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minor Photographic Updates.

Months ago, I abused my Berjaya Employee Benefits by purchasing one of Jeremy Clarkson's book and getting 15% off. It was worth the deal (??), but what wasn't worth it was that I didn't have the time to open up the book.

.. Until recently.

Anyways, I've been going through that book a lot whenever I have any time possible. I brought it nearly everywhere I was at. So yup.

And I got myself a new pair of headphones after my trusty Sony earphones (that replaced my trusty standard iPod headphones that went berserk) went berserk.

Gay, and horrid in-ear features. I hated Sony's design when the designer sneezed while designing the wires for being a little bit.. retarded.

Lately, there's this Earth Day Carnival being held at Ikano Power Centre. Believe it or not, when I first went there, I heard a ukelele (SP?) and a bongo/congo percussion thingy.

Reminded me of the times when I stayed up for nights to get a minor project done. For the Bonyari Band back in Avillion Village Resort, Port Dickson.

.. Hell, my ears weren't fooling me. They WERE there at Ikano @_@.

The heavily influenced Bob Marley Japanese Raggae peoples.

This is Sada's artwork. Sada would be the boyfriend/husband (?) of Kiko. Currently, there's only 2 of them. There used to be 5 of them in total, backpacking to various parts of Malaysia. They've gotten quite.. Big.

Since the production (HAHAHAHAHAHA) of their CD, they've sold 4000 - 5000 up to date.

Their CD..

Have a closer look. It won't hurt.

Unfortunately, I got lazy to blog. So use your imagination to fill in the blanks above. See youze peoples around.

I'm still reinstalling my programmes, anyway.

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