Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Beginning Of The Final Semester.

And to start it off, I already got pissed off due to the fact that I had to travel quite a distance by public transport, finding out that everything was discoordinated and unorganised. For the beginning of the semester, how the hell can one forget to not complete the schedule. Even if it were to print out the schedule, how long will that even take?


I'm starting to get sick about how imperfect and irresponsible some people may be, and how they can be so thick skinned to figure that some others may be taken for granted. This is not the first, second, nor the third time that something minor like this has to happen that'll have a major effect upon others.

Example, the cancellation of classes. I was pretty satisfied when I found out that my friend's college would be considerate enough to call every one of their students and to inform them regarding the cancellation of their classes so they won't need to travel all the way to college to find one stupid note saying that Mr/Mrs. __________ is on medical/emergency/death leave on the __th of _____ 2009.

And yes, what they're being taught in that college has cheaper fees, but more quality education as it faces the real world. This is all spoon-fed. Like driving licences, we're paying that extra fee to pass.

What bimboheads.

And don't think I understood Accounts due to KDU. I got a C+ for my Financial Accounting 1 in KDU PG. But an A for the same subject because I had to retake that specific subject. It was due to my "course outline did not meet the requirements" when all I did was to transfer from the Penang campus to the Petaling Jaya campus.

Oh. I learnt what the hell a Trading and Profit and Loss Account from Starbucks, which is my part-time job. Dare the lecturers question my time management. I spit results you never expect right in your face when you expect me to fail.

If I were to question you a silly question, let it not be silly because it does happen regardless of the scenario. Like how a person got jailed due to the fact he was taking a pee in public.

Last 2 semesters, I couldn't get my results because they were slow in processing the results. But if you were to say that the results were going to be released on the 18th of December, I don't expect it to be any later than that.

Unless if you are willing to post up updates on the internet where most Malaysian societies and companies would tend to underestimate, then I will stop complaining, such as the release of our schedule on a specific blogspot site by the effort of ex-Business programme leader, Dominic.

That was a good effort. Would've been better if the valid existence of old fashioned people were not to say "UBS is one of the strongest accounting programmes being used" were to cease to exist.

.. By getting shot in the head.

That thing (UBS) looked like as if it existed during the age of Microsoft Windows 3.II - released in 1992 where it somewhat resembled an Apple OS interface. Then again, my questions were answered when I saw the licence and manufacturer on the damned thing. It's made in Bukit Bintang.

Nice try, but long way to go. Thanks for making another programme that we all don't need to use.

Now I'm stuck in college ranting about this stupid schedule thing while sucking the Dream Theater lifeforce out of my iPod.

Better to be safe than sorry. Although classes may start next week, but I find it a freaking hassle for either one of the main criteria of a semester briefing missing. We're paying a bomb for shitty service.

Make every step count, jackasses.

You would be pissed off if your BMWs were to blow up when you waited quite a while for it, wouldn't you?

Don't tell me it's irrelevant to what I'm complaining about. It's the same thing. I'm paying for proper services without inconvenience. You pay for a car to run more than a thousand miles and still able to go on. If possible, it'd fly as well. You don't expect to pay the full price but the manufacturer says:

"Oops. Regarding the missing engine, that would be my mistake."

It's like missing a part of your brain.

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